Renting Your Home – The Process

Renting your home is something you will likely do many times, and we are committed to helping make this experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. To facilitate this, we are providing you with this overview of the process of renting your home.   Please review the following steps and let me know if you have questions. We will guide you through this process. We look forward to working with you!

You’re ready to rent your home!

Your first step is to have us assist you with practical ideas on how to successfully prepare your house for rent. We stand ready to come and evaluate your home, and give you our researched opinion on your home’s rental value. We will also give you our opinion on what you can do to enhance the appearance of your home to attract tenants.

This is also a good time to decide if you will manage your home once it is rented. If you desire property management services – no problem! We will refer you to a qualified full service property management company.

How much should you rent your home for?

There are many factors that affect the rental price of a home: location, condition, amenities, supply and demand, and local and global market conditions. We will assist you by providing a thorough rental market analysis so you will be able to come up with a realistic, competitive rental pricing strategy for your home. 

Full-service marketing and personally customized service:

During the market analysis presentation we will explain every aspect of the rental process to you. Once you list your home for rent, we will begin managing the responses we will receive from the Multiple Listing Service, internet and social media marketing.

Home showings:

Your home will begin to be shown to prospective tenants. If you are living in the home, or have other tenants living there, it will be important to advise the occupants to keep the home as uncluttered as possible during this process. We will work with current tenants to set parameters in place for home showings to minimize the inconvenience to them. Their cooperation is crucial to a successful re-renting of the home.

Processing Applications:

Once an application is received, we will run a credit check, criminal background check, and eviction check on the applicant. We will then assemble all the reports with the application and deliver the package to you for review. You make the final decision who to rent to. Once the decision is made, we will create the lease and execute it with your new tenant.

Property Management

We will refer you to a qualified full service property management company, should you desire this service. Property management consists of collecting rents, making arrangements for repairs. When it is time to re-rent your home, we stand ready to assist you in finding a new tenant.


We are here to make renting your home as worry-free as possible. Contact me today to get started!





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